think tank supports the rigorous process of the contemporary worker-thinker-writer-researcher-artist-curator by providing a supportive space for productive activity while initiating solidarity through shared work zones.

Beyond merely offering a home for work, and representing the various political conditions around “cozy-ing up” sites of labour, think tank provides a space for collective and productive wellness. Let us work, think, and feel together to recognize the possibilities in admitting loneliness and misery in this daily grind, and privileging interdependency.

This project is grounded in an understanding that the culture of professionalization is fundamentally a capitalist enterprise, which aims to sell our work back to us, under the carrot and stick approach of a promise of a good job, a line on your CV, or a pat on the back from your employer. 

Amidst this work hard, play harder mentality, think tank offers a space to share what ails us, help us feel better in admitting our fears of failure, and get some shit done in the process. By joining efforts with fellow workers-thinkers-writers-researchers-artists-curators, a seemingly cozy home will become an active site of solidarity through work.

Talk about your open-ended projects, theses and thoughts freely and narratively in feedback workshops, allow shared workspaces and accountability + shame politics to motivate you to write for uninterrupted sessions, and be amongst friends (and make new ones!) outside of the academic/professional spheres.

Let's get 2 work. 

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